Kejriwal – Raising stakes

Kejriwal aka The Muffler Man is back. He has been a anti-corruption crusader and a self-proclaimed incorruptible and only honesty certifying agency in the world. After 49 days of winter, he’s back for 5 seasons of winter. We don’t know if corruption will ever end but Arvind Kejriwal has raised the stakes.

Why corruption happens? It happens due to 2 reasons:

  1. Fault of person bribing because he did not start early or expedite process & needs additional favours
  2. Person taking bribe who uses the above as opportunity as additional income or for additional income deliberately forces delays

Both these people are 2 sides of a coin. While first will curse of bribe and people accepting bribe but yet keep on doing it and later will complain of workload and people with references and salaries.

Arvind Kejriwal played a masterstroke. Since corruption is driven from top (as person on top seeks additional favours – read monies, from people under him), he raised the salary to 400%. The ministers get that amount but sure not the babus. Share of babu’s income is increased. Even if it is claimed, no one is taking bribe, is there a parameter? What about the size of dataset chosen? Well at least will be required to pay less “bribe” tax.

Arvind Kejriwal was not satisfied so he introduced a Even-Odd drive. Filled with loopholes and fine of ₹2000 INR. 08:00 to 20:00 except Sundays cars with Even number will ply on Even numbered days and Odd number on Odd numbered days. This is when proper infrastructure not in place.

  • What is the proof someone has medical emergency and who decides it?
  • Who will verify CNG sticker on car is valid one or what if someone removed it
  • No mention of PUC check. Are they not required?
  • Anyone coming to Delhi from other states in own car to drop at airport will have to check calendar and their car number before coming to Delhi

Keeping all aside, traffic snarls will now happen before 08:00 instead of current 09:00 to 10:00 and if someone starting early caught in it and goes beyond the time? Is it plan of big corporates to make their employees sit for 12 hours? Last time they increased from 8 hour day to 9 hour day during recession and it has stuck since, may be this is another such shot in the arm that people can stay in office for 12 hours.

A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Again speculations. But this is real. Now the stakes are high. Person giving bribe will be happy to shell more ₹₹₹ INRs instead of paying fine of ₹2000 INR. Cumulatively paying ₹100 at 10 places is still cheaper than the fine. Is Arvind Kejriwal stating there will be volunteers checking for corruption too? Since, they are not officially appointed or bound, who’ll check for hooliganism or even abuses. Doh! What is someone refuses to pay fine or delays showing papers – the line following the person will be restless to be in office before time.

One thing is sure, there will be increased flow of money. Either fine or bribes. The stakes are high!


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