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Indian Ocean, Bournemouth – Restaurant not to visit

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Some days back, I put up a review on TripAdvisor but the same was removed stating inconsistency. I thought TripAdvisor was considerate enough to understand the “behavioural disorder” mentioned in the review.

Below is exact copy of the review posted in TripAdvisor as feedback for my visit to Indian Ocean Restaurant and Takeaway at Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom on 13 September, 2014. I submitted the review on 17th September, 2014 and got rejected from TripAdvisor on 18th September, 2014.

After spending a day long in Bournemouth, we (2 families with 4 adults and 2 kids) visited the Restaurant. We waited for couple minutes to be attended near the entrance. No one was there which means we can take any seat – so we did. The waiter came and asked if we are comfortable to which we were affirmative but the next sentence blew our mind. He said “Sir, you should wait near the entrance to be attended and not take any seat”. We said we did but since no one was there, we went ahead. He said, whatever be the case you should wait. We asked so what should be done and the waiter said please wait at the entrance. This is when out of 15 odd table only 1-2 was occupied and we had made our kids sit. We politely moved to entrance to see the behaviour but the waiter did not budge from his place nor was even polite enough to suggest an alternative. We moved out yet the waiter was standing there and did nothing.

I’m not sure what the restaurant is because I’ve not seen such pathetic customer welcome. Never seen any restaurant which asks its guests to move from their seat because of some process was not followed because there was no one to attend to!

My suggestion: AVOID THIS RESTAURANT AT ALL COSTS because Indians are welcoming not like this.

TripAdvisor mail rejecting the feedback:

Dear TripAdvisor Member,

Thank you for submitting a review of your experience at Indian Ocean Restaurant and Takeaway.

While we appreciate your contribution, it has come to our attention that your review included ratings of features of the establishment that you did not experience this time, such as rating sleep quality when no overnight stay took place or rating the quality of the food when you did not eat. As is our policy, we removed your review upon discovering this inconsistency.

We hope you will consider resubmitting a review that reflects your personal experience and that meets TripAdvisor review guidelines. You may also view the guidelines at:

Your original review is included below for your convenience.

Best regards,

TripAdvisor Support Team

Thank you TripAdvisor for understanding how some restaurants treat their customers. And definitely without going through your guidelines, I understand that you must be served. In case you are pissed of for service for they did not serve you, “waiter” was impolite or you left hotel because they had bedbugs then TripAdvisor has well-defined guidelines for them to be removed. In short, you’ve to bear pain of having delayed service, eat sh*t, tolerate the “waiter” and spend night being sucked by bedbugs to put in a review. Well congratulations TripAdvisor, you just gained +1 for reporting exact ordeal one has to go though to get a review on your site.

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