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What’s the most in thing in India now i.e. as on 08 June 2011?

Anna Hazare fasting in Rajghat from 10 am to 6 pm.

Anything else? I remember he was fasting sometime back too, so was Baba Rambev. 2 different person, 2 different demands, 2 different strategies, only one solution.

Let us first visit Anna Hazare. I was not aware who he is or what he did in past. He came up to stand against the Government against the corruption and asked for strong measures. He drew support from all directions. Young, old, rich, poor, Hindu, Muslim. Thanks to media they told me he was Gandhian and followed his principles. He sat in one place like the rock and everyone flocked him. Not to spare some people of opposition parties. Is it not so that any political person has economic growth of 200% (minimum) even of the common public is just living hand to mouth. I guess we all know the reason. He asked for a Lokpal bill and Government first seemed reluctant and distant. As the pressure mounted, a committee was formed. The first meeting resulted in no solution with Government not agreeing to most of the content yet claiming we are committed. Some process was going on and as always people tend to forget.

Cut to Baba Ramdev. One morning I woke and heard Baba Ramdev is fasting. Reason: bring back the black money and declare them national property. Quite logical and reasonable. But he did a big mistake, he claimed to start a party. He has a lot of followers and if he floats a company chances are he’s going to get a good chunk. Baba Ramdev has a noble cause but started on wrong foot. He met with ministers before starting the fast or shall I say peaceful agitation. They knew his weak point and strategy. He wrote declaration or letter or memorandum, best known to him, for ending the agitation aka fast. Followers from all ends came to see Baba and of course posters, banners and pamphlets spread all over. It was becoming big. Notice was given to vacate the Ramlila ground but no heed was given to it. With reminders, nothing. Finally police moved in. It is not known who attacked first but everyone knows that post midnight a big force vacated the whole place. Baba Ramdev was transported back to Haridwar. Enquiry was set on his income. With so many followers Baba Ramdev could’ve asked his followers to follow one simple rule, the money not earned by you is not yours or simply don’t take or give bribe and agitated for bringing back the money without posters and meeting ministers first. What was done is done but what actually was done i.e. instead of listening to people they were thrown around and their peaceful agitation was converted to hue and cry.

Back to current date, Baba Ramdev was not allowed entry in and around Delhi so he’s fasting from Haridwar. Anna boycotted one meeting of Lokpal Bill commitee. Government took benefit and drafted most of the points in his absence and still saying we are commited. They didn’t take the opinion of the person who started it and yet talking about commitment? I heard a point raised, it should be taught to people. As if in school we are taught to lie, loot, kill, bribe and all those which can cause disruptions in a person’s normal life. Opposition will always try to bring the Government down and the ruling party will try to pull down the leader before they are over run. Mahatma gandhi said,

We need to be the change we wish to see in the world

I don’t say what we did was wrong or what is being done is correct. But when there is a need to change, it has to start from home. The whole content is in just one line written above.

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