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ZeroneA started with a unique concept of bringing in Zero to One (0987654321 – check your keyboard) and Z-A (the reverse alphabetical order). It suffered from one unique flaw, it was referred as Zee-roh-nee-ah instead of Zero-One-A.  Identity crisis it was. All wasn’t wrong in world of ZeroneA, considering how easy it was to refer it :).

The Reverse Way tag of ZeroneA will stay and may be used for other purposes, in future but till then ZeroneA has a new home: AVXIO. It doesn’t solve any problems but at least it’ll (hopefully) always be pronounced A-V-X-I-O. It still has an identity crisis. The I-O is actually 1 & 0. The obsession of ones and zeros continues.

AVXIO (or simply avxio), sums all things Audio, Video, Analog, Digital. Hence, the tag line – Audio, Video, Bits & Waves.


Hi everyone,

I welcome you all to ZeroneA. Well this is the blog as for now but we are aiming to make it large. Forums will be up shortly, but Blogs seem to have a lead now.

We’ve some esteemed authors who’ll be providing you with various insights. We try that they are from different regions of the country so as it can be the voice of common public not just one person alone. So with the aim of making something different and to stand distinguished in a crowd, I take the opportunity to welcome you to ZeroneA.

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