Weirdon’ts – II

With lots of controversy over Weirdon’ts, it’s time I return to the same topic again. This time the setting is in office and it’s a category rather than individual. I’ll narrate my experience and let you decide if you should do it. Continue reading “Weirdon’ts – II”


Today morning while I was about to cross the road I saw a minor accident and for a change I was not involved. A car, not flashy – basic i10, wanted to turn left and the roads were quite busy. It tried to move forward and as the person saw vehicles coming at high speed from front, he hit a reverse of couple of centimeters and Crash!!! A guy on cycle was hit by the car and he dropped his cycle and started shouting on the guy. The guy lowered his windows, saw through his Ray-Ban type looking aviator glasses calmly conversed with him. The guy still being very aggressive. By the time I’ve crossed the road and inspected his cycle from far. The cycle was fine, and even after the fall nothing had happened to it. The guy was pointing to his feet and said “you hit me” (probably, that was in Tamil). Now whose fault is it? The guy on cycle who was way too close or the guy in car who didn’t see before doing a reverse? Continue reading “Weirdon’ts”