The Flight of Icarus

“Would you like some coffee?”
“Tea with little bit of milk and one teaspoon sugar. That’ll be all.”

You don’t hear those lines in your day to day life. But this is the second time in my life. This time it is in the flight ZA-726 from New York to New Delhi. I turned around to find out if it was the same person who made my heart jump over the edge 3 years ago. This was definitely second time, and some other person. I looked outside the aeroplane window, at the setting sun thinking “Is my life any different?”. The orange ball of fire, even while setting plays with so many colors that it can make the toughest of hearts melt like butter. Continue reading “The Flight of Icarus”


Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the part I of the story (“The Rains“). I had a sequel in my mind when I was working on it, but as the sequel was not as powerful or effective as the main part, I took a break trying to make the sequel better.  But, once thought of something it’s difficult to change. So here goes the part 2 of “The Rains”, I call it “Hailstorm”. It’s the way I thought part II will be like, without any “masala” or changes.
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I heard screaming around me, looks like I overslept again. My head felt dizzy and it felt like thousand nails being hammered into my brain. Did I drink last night? No, I went to office probably. Oh my God, I’m not even able to think straight. Aargh… My hand, I’ve to change this mattress, it’s very hard. Now who is playing with the light, switching it on and off? It’s really irritating, when someone tries to wake you up using such criminal methods. The faint sound is of my mom, sounds like trouble for me as she’s a calm person. My vision is also blurred, but I never wore glasses. How my vision got so much change in just one night? Continue reading “Hailstorm”

The Rains

Last week, I was pretty late while returning from office. It was not due to work but due to participation in a competition and my partners were good enough to score high (they needed a team member so I became a part of the group). Back to where I was, I was late and didn’t feel like taking a bus to home as it was drizzling also. Of all the devil minds, where my project is not allowed for a cab service, still I asked for it and got it (how… that’s out of question). I was told to go for the cab. I literally crawled to the cab and a girl, not good looking but dressed quite well (according to the standards where I’m staying) crossed me and sat in the rear seat of the cab. I had already my ears plugged to my Cowon D2+, playing some Coldplay numbers. I went and took the front seat. After sometime another lady (confirmed married) came and took the seat just behind me. She got down within 5 minutes of drive. Now only this girl and I were there. She was sitting cross-legged across to me i.e. just behind the driver. After the married woman got down she became busy with her phone (of course talking). At that very moment, with slight rain pouring on the windscreen, I thought why not post something that can happen in a cab and the name came to my mind: “The Rains”.

P.S: It’s all fictitious play of my mind, not even close to reality. Those who know me, you know it’s not real, just read it as it were someone else not me.

UPDATE 1 (13th Aug 2010): This is pretty long post, it’s a story. I can understand you may skip it for later, but whenever you go through, please do it completely.  Do leave your comments (except the length part, I’m working on it)
UPDATE 2 (24th September 2010): Part II of the story “Hailstorm” is out.
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It was a long week; I have been working the whole week from 7 in the morning to almost past midnight. I’ve been waiting for this weekend for almost a month now. This software industry seems to be taking a toll on me. I was not able to see my family awake this whole period, except my mother who took the trouble of waking me up every morning, pack me a delicious lunch, which I couldn’t savour due to the hectic schedule. I had to talk to my father over phone as in morning we both are busy to leave for office and me being on tighter leash. He would be fast asleep when I reach home at almost 1 o’clock. I was not even able to help my sister in her exams which are just barely a month away. Finally the project being delivered, I think I’ll be more relaxed and make up for the lost time. Continue reading “The Rains”