Are we there yet?

For a long time, I’ve intrigued that what is the status of India, are we a developing nation or a developed one. I wrote this post Can India be superpower? almost a year and half back. I can not say if this is a logical extension to same, may be you could suggest me where this fits. This brings us to a major question, will we ever be a Developed Nation? Continue reading “Are we there yet?”

Do you prefer Kutta or Kameena?

We should always be with the times but when time comes we either forget it or whatever be the reason – overshoot the margin.

This started as my life long love for “kameena” ishq was called “kutta” and below is my take is on Bollywood songs/lyrics, which seems to be doing too much. Continue reading “Do you prefer Kutta or Kameena?”

IPL is not Cricket anymore!

This is the seventh season of Indian Premier League (IPL) and this time it is played in 2 halves. First half is being played in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and second half in India. This is the second time IPL has traveled outside India. IPL as a culture is growing but I feel this is not cricket anymore.

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Can India be superpower?

Every now and then we hear this that India will be a super power. First time (I remember) I heard it was about 1998 when Pokhran test was successfully conducted and India declared itself as nuclear power. The next I heard was when IT was booming (it could be still) but then Hyderabad was asked to be Cyberabad and not proposed Capital of Telanagana (may be I never read it before). Below is my take on India (ever) being a super power. Rupee is falling day by day and in newspaper we read a standard template “Rupee falls a new low. Drops … in a day”. Government may be doing something about it but what common public hears is a new policy, a new corruption, a new issue to fight over.

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Oil price hike – A well planned strategy

Recently Government introduced a hike of Rs. 6.28 which after taxes become an increase of Rs. 7.5 per litre. While prices of crude oil are not at its peak in world, but buying power of Indian Rupee has fallen. Even then, we believe it is a well planned strategy. Continue reading “Oil price hike – A well planned strategy”

The slow Tatkal

Some years ago, Tatkal was introduced for train travellers to book train tickets at short notice. A 5 day period was set. Then it was revised to 3-day period. Now it stands at 1-day. At this rate you’ll need to book ticket on train, then no one will be able to travel.

Today morning, I was trying to book a tatkal ticket and it took me whooping 1 hour. The status before the booking opens at 08:00 was
2 AC : 20
3 AC : 16
Sleeper: 99

My experience were far from exciting and had lot of free time. The only button which would’ve broken record of all keypress I will make in whole day today is “F5“. The time I would be leaving for office, I was totally dressed up and opening the IRCTC website, so that as soon as ticket is done, I leave for office. But alas, IRCTC had something else in store for me. Continue reading “The slow Tatkal”