Why has Windows gone free (literally)?

Windows 8 is up for grabs. It is available for download on its official web-page. When you visit the page you are welcome with a offer no one would like to give a miss – $39.99 in US (£24.99 in UK, INR 2000 in India). Unless Bill and Melinda has financed Microsoft to give it away at this dirt cheap prices, there is no way Microsoft is ever going to give away this much discount. This is not all, people have also reported that there are some ways you can get it at £14.99 in UK (INR 699 in India), now that is FREE (literally) considering original price will hover around $100 in US (£80 in UK, INR 10 in India). Continue reading “Why has Windows gone free (literally)?”

Light of new beginning: Nokia Lumia 800

After the February 2011 announcement that Symbian will be dropped, Nokia was heavily panned for its decision. As a Nokia lover and long time user of Symbian, I am no different. Symbian, in my opinion, is the original smartphone OS and Nokia will be abandoning it in favor of Windows Phone. Nokia market share was sliding with advent of iPhone and Android jumping in competition. Nokia was to blame for missing out on huge opportunities. Nokia was eying on keeping the price low while other manufacturers were either keeping prices dirt cheap or giving devices the premium price tag, of course with better responsive touch phones.

Microsoft on other hand had already burned it’s hand twice in mobile business. Windows Mobile steadily rose to its peak in 2007 and fell faster than Jack and Jill. Microsoft also came up with it’s own hardware too, I’ll be too happy it was named something “Kin”. Microsoft faced flak after failure of Windows Vista but it came up with Windows 7 to counter. In mobile world it has failed in both OS (Windows Phone 6) and hardware (Microsoft Kin), Microsoft only bet being in mobile business was Windows Phone 7.

Did two ailing companies make a success story?

Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia and Windows Phone

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