My Movies, My Way!

The greatest movie buff I’ve ever known is Nitish Kumar but for past sometime, I’m thinking of skipping movies at theatres because all latest Hindi movies come to TV within months, thanks to all Satellite Rights. Sadly they are useless because for profit they insert ads, chop scenes, extend the viewing time. Case of English movies, I guess I’ve watched all on TV around couple of times over & over. I’m traditionally a movie theatre person, but that charm seems to be loosing, movies ain’t cheap anymore. Continue reading “My Movies, My Way!”

Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs Of Wasseypur I & II in HD available on iTunes for just ₹90 & ₹50 for Rent. The SD version is ₹50 & 30 respectively. On Google Play they go for ₹50 & ₹100 on Rent for SD & HD respectively, while purchase go for ₹250 & ₹390.

Do you love the dialogue, “teri keh ke loonga” or “beta tumse na ho paayega” or even “baap ka, bhai ka, sabka badla legal tera Faizal“. I do & now I own the movie too 🙂

The Last Stand: Arnie will be back

After political career stint, the Mr. Universe and 7 times My. Olympia is back. The Expendables 2 was his comeback  movie but that had lots of other heavy weights but in The Last Stand, there is only one big name. Where does is stand in our review?

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan – A SRK extravaganza

This I’m sure is not first of reviews and I’m not a regular critic, its just starting so bear with me.

This year Diwali release is awaited Jab Tak Hai Jaan which is coincidentally the last film by Yash Chopra. How far did it go in my expectations, lets find out.

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