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Months have passed and finally I’ve cracked the code. I’ve been finally successful in my research of obtaining absolute 0.

Search for Absolute Zero
Search for Absolute Zero

They say you can never achieve Zero Kelvin, also known as absolute zero. For the uninitiated this the absolute lack of heat to an extent that the atoms and molecules have no motion – or some sh*t. For past 6 months of more I’ve been keeping myself busy in this research and the dedication has finally paid off.

Though this has been going on for sometime now but in past few months, this has gained more traction. Given my dedication to this blog, during this phase I’ve been totally engrossed and involved in absolutely doing nothing and I’m perfectly 0 K with it. Not like I’m completely OK but yeah, that sorta works. I’ve still not found out what works and what not. Lacking a proper direction, there needed to be a mandatory post.

Today happens to be the day of French Revolution and France doesn’t play FIFA World Cup final 2018 until tomorrow. Life’s so French-ed up. That’s not a word but it’s still better than apologizing as I’ve apologized for not being regular to the blog for like ever, even after a marvelous rechristening ceremony. I’ve spent sometime in customizing the theme and color scheme though, not bad eh! Pretty bad maybe but that is the path to obtain that magical figure of O-K.

Rath Yatra today and as they say Lord Jagannath comes out to meet his devotees, I’ve come to meet this blog. Now I’ve attained zen mode, not the car and I still have doubts on ABC of the dynamics, this is really an auspicious day that happens to be my birthday.

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