Roads to nowhere

We are always in a hurry that we forget to understand how things become excruciatingly painful for others. There are a lot of things that happen in and around us which seem natural but when you see from a distance, it is disgusting.

The Train Journey

For most of us, we’ve travelled by Indian Railways. Sadly my last travel being almost a year old now. Honestly, I love travelling in train where you’ve mostly nothing to do, look out of window and chit-chat. Due to patchy network mobile phone are used less frequently but with introduction of wall points, now we find wall-huggers too. One thing has not changed, we are the ones who damage it. Read the latest news of Mahamana Express that within 3 days, the model train is just like another damaged body on wheels – stolen accessories and made dumping ground. Read more Swanky, new Mahamana Express? not anymore and #Shame. Mahamana Express Goes From Swanky To Stinky In One Week. Knowingly added 2 links for those who have difficulty in understanding their own faults. We expect the train to be kept clean for us but we do not keep it same way for the next person – basic lavatory/toilet rule – Keep it same way as you expect it to be. I may be rude but the fact is

We lack basic civic sense.

Reaching early more important than Life

Times Of India on Page 2 published an article regarding a person’s harrowing experience in an ambulance which was carrying his father.

Ambulance Condition in Delhi

It is appreciated (the father survived) that the trouble of the person is highlighted but the issue was not public, it was due to BJP workers protesting against AAP Govt. in Delhi. Place where Times of India has failed miserably is to highlight that this is the plight of so many others in Ambulance even when there is no protest. This is very well depicted in Varun Pruthi’s YouTube video as a social experiment.

Everyday we travel to work via different modes, Cycle, Rickshaw (manual & powered), Motocycle, Car, Bus & Metro. Metro trains are crowded but what about roads? There is more possibility in reaching destination faster by Metro than by Road not because Metro has certain shortcuts but because Metro works like clockwork and no traffic. Our roads are overcrowded and overflowing – Yes! I’ve seen people driving over footpaths which is for pedestrians.

Sadak tere baap ki hai?

The oft-repeated words on road apart from abuses and billions, trillions of horns is Sadak tere baap ki hai? (Does this road belong to your father?) Lane driving is forgotten and in a lane of 3 cars you can see 6-7 and that is not an exaggeration. In such case if there is an ambulance, how can we expect the ambulance will reach the destination.

It has been made fun that Pizza reaches in 30 minutes yet Ambulance never reaches on time is simply for this reason. Pizza arrives on motorcycle which has 2 wheels and traverses routes in a risky manner. Regular 2 wheelers users take far more risks and are dangerous to others. As a smaller vehicle they get preference over other powered vehicles but the turns and path they take are never safe. Motorcycles drive over footpaths, zig-zag between cars, buses, trucks and race as the light turns green, thanks to high acceleration. The last part also applies to cars as well. A vehicle taking a right turn is on left lane, a vehicle indicating left turn is on right lane is a very common sight. It is expected to keep safe distance but in India this means when vehicles are stand still, a person can pass through.

Is this legacy we want to leave behind? Do you want to die in Ambulance instead of being saved in a hospital? To end it all, the quote says it all.

Treat the way you want to be treated.

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