Have we done enough?

Justice delayed is justice denied. Yesterday Salman Khan was found guilty in hit-and-run case. In this case don’t see how it is justified and why some people are happy and other divided. I see it as a failure.

A lot has changed over 12 years. Price rise, cost of living, governments. What remains fact is still every winter we call out for help so that people don’t die of cold. These are the people who still live on pavements.

The case is a high-profile one yet it took over 12 years. Is it because of money or other reasons so they could stall this long or judiciary actually works like this? If everyone is equal before law, will same happen (over 12 years) if any other person had done it? Will it be same if a person ran over a celebrity?

Have we done enough? Government claim they’ve done so much for poor but really is not different from last time. Different parameters are made to justify logic. Some are clever enough to siphon benefits and prove themselves poor. Who is validating that rightful is getting their due?

Not justifying anyone but the duration is enough a teen becomes a man, crazy heart becomes sober and we have so many new-born among us and many left. On convicting Salman Khan and sending him to jail what is being achieved? Can’t we introduce rigorous community service instead of relaxed jail time which are filled with bails. Yes, he got bail within 2 hours.

People are divided that Salman Khan is a Samaritan. When did that happen? In these 12 years or before that? Whatever be the case, what good the 5 years in prison will solve? People will still be on pavements, Salman Khan will be out on bail and act in movies and we will go on with our lives feeling happy judiciary works.

I wish it was more like Government uplifted the poor so that they don’t stay on pavement, agency for fair treatment, judiciary to act faster and keep check on agencies and government, little bit strict and Salman Khan shows off his Samaritan side and preach how to be actually “Being Human”. Till then only one question, have we done enough?

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