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What I did in college?

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What I did in college? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… Need I say more?

My bachelor’s degree college is Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa (now Odisha), India. With all my schooling done in Delhi, I was in a new world, even though my roots blog to Orissa. Being an introvert, it would’ve been difficult but then I met some great friends who helped me through. There were certain events which gave me some attention and I’m always thankful to those who held me high and those who kept me grounded. But what I did in my college will always remain a mystery – even to me.

Some days back, I was talking to a friend in office and I was boasting what kind of data hog I’m. I may fill up world 20 times over!!! Pulled out an old hard disk and dug out some stuffs. Even though I’m on Mac which will not play these stuff (but I did 😉 play them out) and uploaded them to a common link. These are all windows executables so feel sad for all those who upgraded to Mac or Linux or even to Tabs.

(Some are *.swf files but don’t bother, I was smart enough then to make them an *.exe – you know what I mean) All my presentations, videos and animations in this link below.

OneDrive Link

Some videos I uploaded on YouTube so that you don’t need to download them and play.

This video is a collection of highlights from Etarica, annual function of 2004, the year of my joining.

Jassi and me made this presentation as our entry to National Institute of Technology (NIST) hosted national level symposium, Sankalp in 2006. Topic: Get Inspired. And we won!

My penultimate year, 2007 and first time Zygon was taking place as the latest format of annual function. Not sure if it’s still there but I’m grateful I was part of it. Made this video with Asit Agarwal to do the video work as our way of showing the efforts put in by every Silicontine  involved to make this a grand success.

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