Weirdon’ts – II

With lots of controversy over Weirdon’ts, it’s time I return to the same topic again. This time the setting is in office and it’s a category rather than individual. I’ll narrate my experience and let you decide if you should do it.

Sometime back a party was organised in the office and for some reason, I was asked to handle the distribution of invitations. Explaining in simple terms, it was a major event and all associates of the project were invited along with their family. Keeping in mind the large number of guests, the count was taken as to book the hall and order the food. The invitation cards could have been avoided but that seemed fancy to the organisers (I believe). To keep the fuss minimum, we provided timelines to collect the passes. We too have work and need lunch break too 😉

During those breaks, I’ve been to different part of the building and will meet “some” who have not collected the invitations will ask “Where are our invitations?” I never knew I look like some sort of Batman with utility belt full of invitations!!! I think the icing was when I went to a different office for meeting. As if I achieved a celebrity status (I guess people thought they got one), many hounded me for invitations. Wow, transition from Batman to Postman! Somehow, I could ignore those facepalm and WTF moments but then all of a sudden I was hit by The Hulk. When returning home, enroute I was asked for invitation pass!

I’m not sure people ignore to realise the fact that everyone is important and when it is clearly mentioned what needs to be done, the instructions are almost everytime clearly ignored. I say don’t act such weird.

Don’t be a Weirdon’t.

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