Do you prefer Kutta or Kameena?

We should always be with the times but when time comes we either forget it or whatever be the reason – overshoot the margin.

This started as my life long love for “kameena” ishq was called “kutta” and below is my take is on Bollywood songs/lyrics, which seems to be doing too much.

There was a time when “Kameena” (rascal or more popularly – mean) was something related just with Dharam paaji but we had song “Ishq Kameena”. I would sneak to hear the song (some would argue the video but Aishwarya did look stunning). My dad would really frown over the lyrics on how stupid they have become. I would dance to it, so never took a note.

That was 2002 and I was still a teen. Cut to 2014. Suddenly the Ishq has become “Kutta” (dog).

I guess, we still are okay with kutta & kameena. Of course we use such things in our day-to-day life. We use more powerful words though but when a movie does it (Delhi Belly), we go all crazy over and behave as if we have beheaded the Indian culture. In recent times, I can remember of 2 movies for which lot of noise was created and eventually changed the lyrics.

Dabangg had to change lyrics in song “Munni Badnaam hui” for word “Hindustan” (India) to “Gulistan” (land of flowers). Some find it unpatriotic and based on the situation and picturization of the song. But the song was never meant to be patriotic as not all songs are “Aye mere watan ke logon”. Still I can live with the argument of this being changed. But then there was another movie, Shootout at Wadala in which Laila has to “loot” instead of take away.

Did you get the difference? I thought “lena” (taking) is mutual when someone is giving. I would always take the meaning of being screwed literally than actually being as the controversy was. It’s always what you perceive things to be.

That takes us to the latest songs, “G Phaad Ke” – what? They could’ve have easily said G*nd and beeped just as they did for condom in move Hello in 2008. Did these 6 years change something? That’s not all, we are trying to get the “pussy” in mainstream too. So we just translated “coward” to pussycat. We don’t use that in our daily life, do we? So we take that “D K Bose” is not correct but “Pussy”-cat works just fine (pause before cat?).

Reminds me of song Ghagra from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Why do you have to go to Agra if you are coming to Delhi from Baghdad? What we are bringing here?

We are all fine with “Subha hone na de” which clearly speaks of guy and girl being alone and not sleeping. “We are just friends” you see!!!

It is nothing like older songs never had those. Classic is “Pyaar hua ikrar hua” from Shree 420. When love is confessed, which love are they talking of? No doubt it was the song for a condom ad.

I do not go against the songs but I want there has to be some sense in it rather than just some racy music with suggestive lyrics and scantily clad women. May be its because I grew up in 90’s and not with the times but when it comes to music, everyone loves a little romance. For those who don’t know romance – it’s excitement, mystery and difference from everyday life; just like the mystery of kissing flowers. Please let the “kutta and kameena” with the action figures.

P.S. – If you think there are too many videos, well it’s because I wanted to try embedding videos in post and went overboard just like current generation of lyrics.

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