A month of (no) Facebook

On 01 October 2014, I decided to skip Facebook. This has direct impact on my blog, I wrote little more – I hope.

Other things that changed is I’m getting fewer notifications. Since I’m not posting no more Likes and Comments. Amazingly, no likes on my posts publicised on Facebook either!

I’m spending less time browsing Facebook. Its nothing more than a News Feed. Things looking better as I’m not being told who to wish. Its like everyone will forget your birthday if its not on Facebook and I’m no different. Sunrise Calendar is aggregating all calendar and feeding me and this helps me create a personal touch on who to wish.

Communication is not just Facebook so WhatsApp is getting used a little more. Surprising that even with the separate Facebook Messenger, people are preferring standalone Facebook owned WhatsApp.

I’m exploring YouTube on my own and not just viewing what others want me to – well it helps in perception so I secretly sneak in Facebook and catch few glimpses. Overall, it had been a peaceful one month. I really believe, we can live quite well without Facebook.

Every once in a while its better to switch off this new age technology leash. Facebook is my start. When are you planning to have a day off?

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