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10 Stupid Things People Believe About Photographers

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I’m no photographer but I do have a fancy camera, I had $$$ to blow.  Read this article on PixelPluck, which actually represents my agony of carrying this bulky load called DSLR. This does cover a lot of points, but then there are some which I face a lot too.

  • You spent ₹50,000 on a camera?
    My phone/digicam can take similar photos I can then Photoshop/Instagram it. Looks awesome.
  • I got DSLR.
    Me: Wow! Which One?
    Response: Canon/Nikon. I got an amazing deal with 2 lenses.
    Me: Which model?
    Uh… Hmmm… It takes good photos.
  • Suggest me a camera?
    Me: Budget?
    <Let’s not go into detail but got a lot of research information of models as close to DigiCams>
  • Can you take a photo of me <showing their phone>?
  • Can you take my photo in this pose?
  • This is much better in Hindi, “Abey… Kya yahan wahan ki photo le raha hai? Idhar se le, mast aayengi… Achcha meri is pose me photo le.” (What are you clicking here and there? Take a pic from here, its a great view. Ok take my pic like this.)
  • The worst offender: Your photographs are amazing. You have an amazing camera.
  • You did not get your camera? (I know you mean: Now who’ll take our pics to post on Facebook and get maximum Likes)
  • Can you please lend me your camera for <so & so trip or event>?

Yeah! I’m still learning and an amateur and must have done a lot like this (my experienced friends can tell). The top 3 above are personal choices of people but the rest is “the feeling only a photographer can say”

Do read: 10 Stupid Things People Believe About Photographers.

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