From MultiSite to Single Site – My journey

I have been using this blog as a multisite one but recently shifted back to single site format. It took me some time to get a hang of it but finally seems all to be sorted.

Why did I shift?
There are 2 parts of it. First: Why I took pain to convert single blog to a multisite blog. It was for a simple reason to keep all my interests separate and in case someone joins me they can only have the selected access. The latter never took off and it was painstakingly difficult to give a uniform look to all sites. You can’t always live with same layout forever. Not to mention I felt it made the blog little slow (it could be I added some weird widget which was adding to excessive queries!) Finally, I thought I’ll just switch back. Of course new users, if ever, will have just low level access and better to maintain 1 blog – no issue of uniform view. Some widgets also removed so lesser load. Blog feels snappier.

Anything new?
Nopes. Not yet. Just hoping to be more active – same resolution for past 4 years and 1 year of calendar entry! Never happened but please hope it does.

Future plans?
That is something I’m really not good at. Combining all blogs (of course I’ve a small number of posts), I think I’ll learn better to use the categories and something called Portfolios introduced by WordPress.

One more thing!
Once bitten by this Multisite Blog, can’t live without experimenting. I started a new blog – actually a Twitter Archive to archive all my tweets (I used to have it initially before Twitter Tools started using Social). is now live! I’m not sure what’s the future holds may be I’ll switch again to multisite so as to allow Tweets in a sub-directory. More to learn and to try.

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