Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, WordPress?

If you came here looking for comparison or review – sorry to disappoint you. These are major social network services I’m subscribed to.

(Can say this is a post to remind me that I’ve not made any post for loooong!)

What is my social status? The below is the count of people who follow me.
Facebook: 792 Friends
Twitter: 407 Followers
Google+: 435 People
Flickr: 27

I could be there on others but then I’m not using all of them. Then I realised, I don’t need all of them.

My choice is WordPress for following reasons:

  • Embed videos from YouTube
  • Embed photos from Flickr
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with Jetpack

What I’ll miss:

  • Time (posting to Flickr and then getting link to WordPress)
  • AutoAwesome feature of Google+
  • Tagging friends

Which do you prefer?

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