Bleak Samsung future – my views

Read this article about Samsung which actually a good highlight of what Samsung is doing. Samsung was never a leader in top brands.

Why does Samsung’s future look so bleak? – The Hindu.

When Nokia ruled the market, Samsung was cheap plastic phone with bad T9 dictionary and prediction. When Apple came into picture or rather touch-screen came in, Nokia made mistake with resistive touch and so did Samsung but somehow latter fared better. World over Nokia was panned and Apple was hailed as THE phone. Samsung quietly pushed on with same cheap plastic phone.

One day, there came Samsung Galaxy S and it changed the tide. Samsung though not first mover yet got opportunity for various reasons (one could be the one for which Apple-Samsung law suite is still on!). Most people actually confused Samsung as only Android phone and many I know of, bought Samsung for only one reason, its cheap. Later people followed Samsung because Samsung was generating revenue and was second to Apple.

We Indians will prefer a cheap phone over best-phone-in-the-world anytime. With Karbonn, Micromaxx et al coming up bringing down the price its hitting where Samsung first started – cheap and plastic.

Even comparing the price range of flagships:

Apple: The metal and glass amalgamation is brilliant but pricey
Nokia: Touch and feel is brilliant. Amazing camera, not enough apps
Samsung: High end specs but looks cheap and plastic
Blackberry: Oh wait! It still exists?

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