Can India be superpower?

Every now and then we hear this that India will be a super power. First time (I remember) I heard it was about 1998 when Pokhran test was successfully conducted and India declared itself as nuclear power. The next I heard was when IT was booming (it could be still) but then Hyderabad was asked to be Cyberabad and not proposed Capital of Telanagana (may be I never read it before). Below is my take on India (ever) being a super power. Rupee is falling day by day and in newspaper we read a standard template “Rupee falls a new low. Drops … in a day”. Government may be doing something about it but what common public hears is a new policy, a new corruption, a new issue to fight over.

Why am I writing it now? I’m no economist, I’m no IIT-ian turned IIM grad turned something else. I’m just a commoner who faces the daily life. To give a background, some days back I was travelling in a bus (Delhi Transport Corporation), the driver asked anyone for so-and-so stop. I responded, yes and the bus slowed down at left most lane but not inside bay of bus stop, so that it can reach faster to next stop. I had to get down as it was quite evident he won’t stop. A car trying to overtake from left (and was inside the bay of bus stop) was just a meter away from hitting me (good brakes I would say) and I had to squeeze myself from being run over by either the car or the bus I boarded. I asked the guy, please do not overtake from left, it’s not the overtaking lane. The guy said “It’s not my fault bus stopped in middle” (Middle!!! Dude it’s you who’s in bus stop bay bus is still on left most lane). I had to say, the bus driver did wrong but still overtaking from left is not allowed and walked off. The guy started calling me from back and started saying “idhar aao batata hun (come here, I’ll tell you)”. I said, when you are overtaking from left then I don’t need to tell you anything and went off for my destination. There is no point of arguing with a person who doesn’t know the basic traffic rule of India. That’s when I realized are these people going to make India a superpower? May be but by civic sense we have travelled so backward that it might take another century to turn back.

We follow Shiva, the destroyer than Brahma, the creator and Vishnu, the preserver
No disrespect for Amish Tripathi for writing Shiva trilogy but really I don’t see the reason why we people poke our fingers into small cut in seats of public transport and tear it apart. I’m regular user of Delhi Metro and I’ve seen people tearing off stickers which have partially lost their paste ability while not touching the ones which are securely in place.

Who said we are not innovators / creators?
Do you know the reason why Indians are excelling in Science and Maths? Reason is simple we love to innovate. Even in our day-to-day life we innovate for many it’s driving. Gurgaon toll is one place where you can find a Land Cruiser in lanes where Maruti 800 could barely fit. Lane driving is mostly missing all over and when we find a place we push in our cars (or bikes) and then complain of traffic jam. I don’t see a reason of a deadlock traffic if everyone follows their lane but alas everyone thinks they got Pushpaka Vimana to fly over.

Life is a race
Charles Darwin said “Survival of the fittest” but I think we lost it in translation and read “Survival of the fastest” and we take it seriously too. Looks like we all forgot Tortoise and Hare story from Aesop’s Fables. We are always in a hurry to reach to other destination. People get down of Delhi Metro and 80% (including ladies) will be running toward exit gate as if the gates are closing down and will never re-open. If I consider they are getting late then what is the harm in starting few minutes early. It always seems like people are waiting for some bell to fire.

Rules are meant to be broken and may be read for pleasure
I’m no fans of rules either. I would not follow under certain circumstances but the sad part is people don’t know of the rules. My opening lines started about the guy trying to teach me that you can overtake from left (a valid lesson though). I’ve also seen educated people throwing garbage in Delhi Metro premises, even though its written do not litter.

 We love to make world colourful… Paint the world Red
The other day I was in Safdarjung Hospital and was crossing some closed corridors and It was beautiful sight seeing red Pan stains around corners, probably a warning not to walk touching the walls this is hospital and could contain germs. The I went to Delhi Metro station of AIIMS – aha! friendly stains were there too. It is surprising to see how no stains inside Delhi Metro station (or may be very less, seen 1-2 times that too on tracks) but outside station its a whole new story. I did not say we are warriors ’cause I can not defend why we allowed to be ruled for 300 years and got freedom with help of peace (even though everyone ignores the fact there was blood shed over partition and India was divided).

Atithi Devo Bhava
I’ve heard this since my childhood, guests are incarnation of God and must be respected with food and shelter. I think I was taught wrong or this was relevant in pre-Mahabharata and pre-Ramayana era. Guests are menace and eat on our resources so we must charge them. This is true everywhere in India. For a regular person the Auto might charge Rs. 40 but if it’s an outsider (not necessarily outside India) the rates jump to Rs. 80-120 or whatever deemed fit. Try going to Sarojini Nagar, Delhi (or any shopping/entertainment destination in India). Delhites and Locals love it like anything. You can find everyone playing bargain-bargain. Come an outsider and all loss from bargain is made to profit. Do you think the vendors are fool, nah! They have put up fixed price poster – easy right – do not sell at loss, they are clothes not food that they’ll be spoiled.

We can be super power because we can sell anything
Everything is for sale be it iPhone or unbranded Chinese handset. That’s all materialistic even God is for sale. Remember in temple pay Rs. 100 for express service, Rs. 5000 to touch the idol, need prasad Rs. 101. I think the movie “Oh My God” well portrays it.

P.S.: These are my thoughts and to be read light heartedly.  I apologise, if anyone feels offended.

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