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The Last Stand: Arnie will be back

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After political career stint, the Mr. Universe and 7 times My. Olympia is back. The Expendables 2 was his comeback  movie but that had lots of other heavy weights but in The Last Stand, there is only one big name. Where does is stand in our review?

The movie starts with the escape of most notorious drug kingpin escapes in style from FBI agents. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a small town sheriff with some past of his own. The problem starts when kingpin henchmen choose his town as the gateway for his escape. High speed car, flying bullets and some crazy comedy by Johnny Knoxville (of Jackass fame, if you remember). The story telling is very believable, if not great. The characters portrayed for small town are very much acceptable and provide a light moment in tense situations.

It is a action movie which is held together by a wonderfully laid out story, subtle and well places funny parts. There is no over the top action (some parts, do are not believable but that is accepted). There was not a single moment felt that movie is stretching or boring. Arnie may be looking old but he still packs a lot of punch. A good watch.

My Rating: 70%

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