Race 2: Adding something more

Initially I was shocked that after the great headache I got from Race, I was there to watch Race 2. That said, was it to the mark or just like the last time?

The movie starts with Anil Kapoor voice over who after multiple shaves is no more ‘baal’-kalakaar with only exception to the facial hair he kept as souvenir from Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. The good part is he is not as “sex-starved” as in Race but they have pulled in Amisha Patel for that part including being as dumb as Sameera Reddy from original. Being featured in almost song, Amisha got more from supporting role. Saif Ali Khan looked very close to original and in suit looked an extension from Agent Vinod. That’s enough bashing but I must credit Anil Kapoor’s role improved as part of original Race. John Abraham seemed to have improved but at places I seriously doubt my initial judgement (one of the emotional scenes made me laugh uncontrollably at his expression). Jacqueline Fernandez and Deepika Padukone must have saved a lot on clothing but I doubt how much they would’ve got for so much show off.

Coming to the story, it is not much different from original. By interval it was very clear where the story was heading and the wait is to see how it’ll end. Nail in the coffin was a number ‘Allah Duhai Hai’ just before face off as if it’s going to be some World Cup Final.

Some funny details for Tech lovers: iPhone accessory was very well advertised, Nokia J was shown as a sophisticated device of rich (of course it is – fact) and probably Lenovo Yoga was shown doing the yoga pose – damn it who uses video call on loudspeaker in a restaurant!!!

Story took a dip, style and oomph were raised. Overall a average watch but nothing is lost even if not seen.

My Rating: 40%

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