My next phone?

Nokia N8 is doing a great job for me in all fronts of usage (occasional hiccups), apps, media and multimedia. But I must upgrade to something. Nokia 808 being the original successor of Nokia N8 is highly probable but the decision from Feb. 2011 is a big factor. I am planning to buy a new phone and buying a new smartphone is not less than research in itself. Here I am thinking out loud on which phone I will finally go for.

I have been using Symbian for long, may be around Nokia 6600 era. I have seen Symbian going from simple layout to layered layout, which needed multiple “back” key press (but then call end key was quick option). Come touch era, Nokia lagged behind by getting Resistive touch when all other were either trying Capacitive or less Resistive touch. Symbian did not improve much on UI front nor on OS stability (Nokia N97, Nokia 5800 etc.) Then came Symbian^3, which was late by almost a year and Nokia has already started loosing out. Post Anna and Belle updates for Symbian, they have considerably improved. Thanks to Steve Elop who has already pressed the kill switch and Symbian will be totally killed from Nokia (probably only one using it as others already moved to Android).

Nokia did try its hand on Maemo (OS used by its Internet Tablets – I guess they were first Phablets that others are boasting off). They improved on Maemo by collaborating with Intel and getting Meego. The only phone that ever got it was Nokia N9. Why? Abandoned by Nokia. Trust me Nokia N9 is really gorgeous and powerful.
Nokia adopted Windows Phone, which is in my opinion the best Internet Phone in market. Better email and social integration. Snappy UI. It’s all fitting in perfectly, when you realize, “no bluetooth transfer” (an Apple invention), no contact transfer or sending business card. Then it can sync contacts with Outlook, Gmail so it’s somewhat acceptable but Bluetooth is necessary. If you post on twitter with image, it puts the image in Skydrive n posts link. C’mon what is Microsoft thinking? When I’m posting on twitter its going there, why hiding and wrapping in own Skydrive. Microsoft is not going to wait, it might replicate its Windows success to Windows Phone.

After using Android for over a year now, I have come to conclusion that Google has made a grave mistake making it open source, though it is not much of open source. It’s too much dependent on operator who are bringing in customization and leading to fragmentation. As per current version, Android is on 4.0.4 but in real life situation, Android 2.3 leads, followed by 2.2 and probably 1.5 and after that 4.0.4. So statistically going about 70-80% of Android users are using outdated version. Rooting does help being updated but then there are vendors fighting over the configuration. More GHz, more cores, more screen size. I’ll say any screen above 3.5″ to 4″ is not so comfortable but agree to the fact that it is visible from distance. Then the Google Play (previously Market) is not less than a pit. Apps are available without any approval, hence leading to incompatible, incomplete, broken and even malware apps. A little carelessness and you are sleeping with the enemy.

Apple has always been people favorite. Be it Adam or Eve or Newton (who became Father of Science but lifting it up from ground). Most reputed brand in industry now. Considering OS, iOS is solidly locked and apps are passed through strict approval, it is pretty safe there. The configuration of iPhone may not be leading in market but as in case of Symbian, it can run wonderfully with lower specs, of course with better and simple layout. Steve Jobs loved simplicity hence drove care without number plate. Jokes apart, Apple doesn’t have a lot of models and has one model at a time which are constantly updated to latest version of OS. Operators are not pushing the updates but Apple via iTunes. Bluetooth doesn’t work and drag-drop of files won’t work. You need iTunes for all-purpose. As in case of Android (rooting), Symbian (hack), there is jailbreak, hope that helps somewhere. I don’t support jailbreak but sending files via Bluetooth is kind of basic feature for a phone with Bluetooth. I have always despised Apple and a strong supporter of #iStuff. Apple, iPod, iPad, iPhone do generate a lot of spam traffic which is not good but does tell how desirable Apple products are.

Blackberry in my honest opinion is a strict business phone. Email and Chat works perfect but internet I am not aware of any user supporting it. Also, there are separate charges for using BBM services and internet. Configuration wise, Blackberry is a smartphone for email and chat but not for media and multimedia.

After stint with Symbian and Android, I am looking forward for other options which is not killed by its management and not ruled by operators. I need a smartphone ruled by me. With all the pros and cons, I rate myself as a Symbian user but I hesitate as it might be killed in sometime (which is more than 4 years) but then developers will be missing as like everyone they need a future. Android is highly configurable but after you are comfortable with one, you really don’t change setting much (other than ROMs) and until new hardware is added software can’t do much. I won’t go Blackberry as I’m not only confined to mail and chat but need media and multimedia (read music, video and games). iPhone (or #iStuff or toy box – as I call it) has all I need but then there is a big lock hanging on the door itself, “For any filemusicvideo transfer, get approval from iTunes”. As a highly confused user, my next phone may be Windows Phone (from Nokia) or iPhone.

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