Rajnikanth aka Chennai Super King

Being in Chennai, you can experience God fearing people and they bow to one more person… Rajnikanth. I’m not giving much detail, other than the screenshot of 3 big multiplexes of Chennai (4th one is Nationalized PVR).

Starting with ultimate example, one of the oldest multiplexes of the country (I say it because one of my friends’ parents visited Chennai in their younger days and went to Devi Cinemas).

Devi is a 3 screen multiplex. It plays only Enthiran till 14th October. Shocked... I was too...

The next screenshot is of a multiplex which actually made people of Chennai know the meaning of Multiplex, with quality standards and facilities like gamezone, eateries, movies. It’s actually a complete hangout zone (minus the shops). But this time it’s hangout for only one person, our Thalaivar (Rajnikanth as known in this part of India).

Sathyam has 2 multiplexes in Chennai. 4 screen Sathyam and 7 screen Escape. As you can see both will show only Enthiran till 7th Oct. Bye Bye other movie profits.

We’ve another 10 screen Mayajaal, which may not be as good in comparison to Sathyam but people visit it because it’s where you can get tickets even 0.01 seconds before the show. See what they have to say about Enthiran.

Enthiran - Mayajaal
Mayajaal shows ONLY Enthiran till 10th Oct, well on all 10 screens. Wow... I'm going crazy...

There are many such theaters which will only show only Enthiran in coming weeks of October and who knows maybe November. All those directors looking to make some profit forget a major share from South-India especially Tamil Nadu. All those people stuck in here have very limited option:

  • go for some trekkinghikingbikingdriving or whatever -ing
  • run away from here to a place where you don’t find Rajnikanth’s fans (not possible in South India)
  • stay at home and enjoy controversy ridden CWG
  • stay inside and enjoy the movies on cableDTH
  • stay at home and download errr… buy original CDsDVDs (stop piracy) and watch them
  • if you are a movie buff and waiting for some movie excitedly, just do your research outside Tamil Nadu or South India for better success rate.

Take my word, 1st October is the release date of Endhiran and it’s a definite gala on Chennai streets. Stay off road… stay indoors if you don’t want to get caught up unexpected. If you are on road then you are one and only:

Thalaivar Chennai Super King Enthiran Shivaji Boss Rajnikanth

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