My Missing Days

The Party pic
The larger group was not even half as pretty.

I guess it was last I was visible here on Bastille Day i.e.  14th of July. Bastille Day happens to be day of French Revolution that occurred on 14th July 1789. So how does it relate to my absence? On 14th July is supposed to be my birthday. The time I’ve been going through since then is nothing less than a Roller-Coaster.

After my room mates got transferred to Hyderabad, I was more or less alone. Of course the ways of my the then room mates is different from the ones I’m with. With a super bore midnight celebration at home which was only b’day bumps and no sweeteners. I didn’t expect much from them, so did not feel much disappointing. In office when you receive wishes from unexpected corners, feels really warming. The mail loop by friends reminded of the round table we used to have in college.

I didn’t work much on that day, thanks to the day being my birthday. Had a Domino’s trip (I didn’t fund fully, as one of my friend had birthday after couple of days so we shared and the trip was for few common friends). That was private affair… oops… wrong selection of word… very small group only 6 of us. The celebration was a decent one, as compared to the ones we used to celebrate in college. Cake (on face), a song, few complements… that sums the whole evening.

The days post this were like me being fried in hot oil. Had to spend around 12 hours daily in office (except the weekend). The weekend went to Hyderabad. Will post the events in coming posts. I had to slog out all days just to be free this couple of days back. So you can imagine me being busy for approximately 14 weekdays and 2 weekends, which is quite rare for me, but it happened.

There were more up and downs, but most of them are part of life and few are just like a spike which puncture you and tear you apart. Few are like the gust of wind which brush by your hair and transport to a different land. End of it all, it’s just the life.

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