Millionnaire who?

With the recent salary hikes, of our beloved politicians… they’ll be joining the league of extraordinary “millionaire”. Let’s see the break-up of the salary structure that came in news:

Category Salary Remarks
Basic: 50,000  Reason of Prise rise. Looks like common people are the only one with under the table income. Common Wealth Games has become “Corruption, Wealth, Games (as in fooling the public)”
Daily allowance: 2,000  If the session continues for a month, this becomes 40,000 per month
Constituency Allowance: 40,000 I knew one politician can have multiple constituencies. Since when the whole amont was used in public welfare?
Office Expense: 40,000  Electricity exempted, phone bills exempted, meals exempted and what not exempted (exempted can be said deferred or not paid. Check out the outstanding bills for them). Why do still need this?
Convenience Allowance: 4,00,000  How much convenience they need? (Read the above point)
Free rail travel with spouse Unlimited Did anyone tell: first class or executive class.
Road travel 16KM How come petrol at more than 50 per litre, but they are demanding 16KM. The price are highly subsidized and they too they might not be paying it themselves.

Considering only the values in above break-up, the amount they’ll pocket is merely 5,90,000 per month. There are other perks also: Security, Children Travel expenses and their security and some other perks we already know (TA, DA, HRA).

In the case of price rise, when public is trying to meet their ends, the politicians make merry. The national budget takes month to be passed (of course it’s national issue) and salary hike of politicians in just one week or so. Education for all (Free education to all till the age of 16) is passed or not I’m still in doubt, reason “Financial Issue”. Pay the same amount to a school, they’ll happily adopt students. The soldier who dies on the front is given a mere 10Lakh (for his whole life as compensation) but the same amount the politician gets in 2 months. Common Wealth Games is of National Pride, instead of getting things on track they are busy celebrating the money.

The best reason for salary hike: It’ll reduce the corruption. Did anyone try to reason whose corruption? A MP might not take the money but he may distribute the same to his subordinates or whoever concerned. The same money will be used to bend the law as they wish. People are starving and the issues plaguing the country are many but, who cares of the country. They will send “Lagaan”, “Chak De India” for Oscars and when “Slumdog Millionaire” shows the naked truth and wins the Oscar: Protests. Our National Sports is in dismay and the players need money to play but instead being paid in meagre amount while Crickers are paid even when they loose. If they try to reason “Cricket is popular”, so why not make other sports as popular?

It’s just the way to see at the problems and solve it. I hope the MPs after getting the 3 fold hike should serve the country better.

(China, South Korea and India had same GDP during independence but the way other’s have progressed, India is not half way of that)

P.S. I’ve no grudge against anyone, just I’m not happy with the hike. Common man is getting a hike of mere 7% while prices are rising at 10% and people at higher authority taking hikes of 300%. If anyone feels offended by this, I apologise but if you feel anything can be done for the country please help those who need it.

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